The Right Philosophy of Design

Are there any rules that guide designers to create a “right” output?

Are there guidelines we have to follow while we are creating?

It has always been controversial that people are arguing whether art design should be functional-focused or form-focused, yet great design is difficult to describe — you often know it when you see it.

Function Over Form

Dieter Rams inspired a generation of designers, including Jon Ive, with his philosophy of making a product useful, above all else. All of his product designs are intensely focus on function over form.

“My aim is to omit everything superfluous so that the essential is shown to the best possible advantage.” – Dieter Rams

Rams successfully advocate usability-over-aesthetics philosophy and this actually birthed the modern minimalist design movement.

In jewelry design, back in the days, it allows people to fix clothes and hair in place; in nowadays, it helps us to attain inner needs, for example love and belonging. Although the functions of jewelry has changed tremendously, people love the design or the piece of art because it is able to fulfill certain needs.

Form and Function are One

“Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union” – Frank Lloyd Wright. People look for more representations on a piece of art, thus the design can no longer be either functional or fashionable, instead both. 

Frank Lloyd Wright coined the phrase “form and function are one” and spent his life creating organic designs. This was a decidedly postmodern approach to design –instead of focusing on form (like most contemporary designers), Wright focused on creating integrated designs that flowed easily into the surrounding terrain.

As a jewelry creator, basically my designs must be wearable and on top of that I should include different forms of design to show the uniqueness.

Contemporary Design in Society

Design does not exist in isolation; it is a reflection of the larger society. As society changes, so should design. The best designers iterate their designs rapidly to keep pace with society’s demands.

All in all, every art pieces should reflect life, reflect how you see the world. I hope my designs could show the uniqueness of my thoughts but at the same time to observe what other people really need then to create every jewelry pieces.

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