The Art, Beauty, and Architecture of Contemporary Jewelry Design

architecture art and jewelryThe art, architecture and jewelryThe art jewelry and architecture

It’s always amazed me how strong the link is between architecture, art, fashion, and jewelry.

Each inspires the other.  

And because of that, architects, fashion designers, painters, sculptures, and jewelry makers are all able to intertwine their creations.

For example, more and more architects are creating jewelry lines, while jewelry makers are creating contemporary jewelry that is reminiscent of some of the most fantastic architectural designs in history.

Contemporary Jewelry Makers Find Inspiration All Around Them

The connection between architecture and jewelry is something that has always fascinated me – and I’m not the only one.

Just look back at the designs of the 1930s. Art deco jewelry beautifully mimicked the geometric design of the architecture, creating iconic pieces that are completely covetable.

art jewelry architecture

Abstract art also proved to be an intriguing source of inspiration for architects and designers.

Like those creative geniuses back then, modern jewelry designers look for inspiration all around them.

Many of my #lamcy藍秋燕 pieces have been inspired by the shapes of buildings, cables, abstract art – even a starry night has moved me to create.

Beyond the architectural design of a cityscape, I’ve also found some of the most extraordinary geometric and abstract designs in nature.

And of course, the splash of vibrant colors allows an artist’s creative juices to flow freely.

For instance, the deep blue of the Mediterranean is especially captivating on a bright summer day. Who wouldn’t want to artistically replicate that somehow?

The tulips in Amsterdam – row after row of bright, vivid colors – also stir the imagination and move artists to capture the magnificent beauty in their work.

Jewelry as Art – We Can All Make a Statement with Handmade Jewelry

As a jewelry lover, wearer, and designer, it makes me so happy that more and more people are viewing their modern jewelry pieces, not just an accessory to complete an outfit, but as a fantastic piece of art.

They put their gold and silver jewelry on display in their home, or wear it against a backdrop of black to allow the jewelry to stand out and make a statement of its very own.

Handmade jewelry is especially captivating. Lovers of this type of jewelry revel in the idea of the artisan drawing the design, molding it with their hands, and then painting the jewelry in stunning colors.

Personally, thinking about the artist’s process makes me appreciate a piece of art even more.

Another person who values jewelry as art is Judith Price, the founder and president of the National Jewelry Institute. Ms. Price’s extensive art collection includes exceptional jewelry pieces, which she calls “architecture for the body.”

Contemporary, Architectural Designs Allow for More #Versatility

Modern jewelry is not only extremely attractive – it’s highly versatile.

The architectural pieces are the epitome of #versatility, and can complement nearly any outfit and any occasion.

And isn’t that what all of us modern, fashionable woman want?

Another thing I love about contemporary pieces is that they give women an opportunity to be a part of the creative process.  They may not be able to design the pieces, but they can mix and match, stack, and turn rings into necklaces.

And for me – that is just as inspirational as a beautiful building, a captivating skyline, or a phenomenal piece of abstract art



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