Purpose of Travelling


When is the last time you escape from working?

We have a fragile and sensitive soul; it needs to be reset and renew after a very long time of work without stop.

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Travelling has different meanings to people and at the same time, people travel with different purposes. One of the best reasons is to lose yourself.

For there is no need to define yourself when you are lost, no map or certainty to abide by; it is just you in a new place with new eyes and a fresh face.

You are pushed to accept new things and thoughts, then it brings you wider perspectives to see this world, and more importantly, it helps me brainstorm in order to combine various elements in my jewelry pieces.

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Precious Freedom You Obtain

Being lost makes you more attuned to your environment, you are more sensitive and grounded to your immediate surroundings. There is no present or future and you do not think about tomorrow or the evening. Social obligations are left behind and you escape the incessant need to be someone, to seek yourself in others and prove your history.

A place where you can show off your ideas no matter how others look at you, dare to display your imaginations. 

Being Lost can be Good

As a creator, I love travelling so much because there is something rather fascinating about being lost. It seems the creative mind is always meandering somehow. It wanders around seeking novelty, new experiences and inspiration without cause or reason. Travelling is a reflection of this inner struggle and this is why it is so appealing to the creative.

Travel provides room for creation, it gives me time and space which are essentials while creating, without these, creation is merely impossible.

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So, if you are bored with your routinized life, if you are too packed or stressed, if you want some memorable things to be happened, please grab your bag and go out to redefine yourself!



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