Lamcy jewelry in Milan Fashion Week!

I love to travel. Period.

I’m all in for spending (sometimes maybe too much) on traveling with every chance I get. It’s just necessary to take a break from life at times, and find new inspiration. You know, experiencing different cultures always brings fresh ideas and gets my creativity flowing. This time I was in Milan.


Every February, the Artistar Jewels Exhibition is held there. It’s THE industry event where more than 100 designers are invited to showcase their contemporary pieces to the world. And the best part? I was invited to be one of the exhibitors alongside 169 others this year! I’ve been to this exhibition before as a visitor, but it’s my first time presenting my work during Milan fashion week.

The Palazzo dei Giureconsulti was a piece of art itself. This 456 years-old venue used for the exhibition was elegant and beautiful. And well, I guess it’s the architecture and the history that makes Milan one of the places in the world that I am always happy to go back to. The exhibition was a blast too; it’s not everyday that you can see so many creative pieces in one room from other talented designers.

I’ll never forget this moment.

The two pieces I brought with me to Milan are called “The Blue Lotus” and “The Rocks”. I wanted to create two pieces with some personal twists, to present me to the world the best I can. The next thing I know, I mixed Sterling Silver with acrylic painting - something I picked up back when I was learning jewelry making in Florence, Italy, and then here I was, in Milan, presenting my works in one of the best contemporary jewelry shows. 

It’s exciting to see my jewelry being purchased online, and shipping them to different parts of the world. However, to see people actually coming, taking photos and appreciating my work is a different feeling.

I’m pretty sure I will remember this leap in my career for the rest of my life. And perhaps next time, I’ll have more time enjoying the fascinating architecture of Milan with a gelato and a nice cup of cappuccino when I’m back.


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