Our New Statement Earrings: Express Yourself

Women should not be told what to do, or how to dress. No one should tell us who to be or what to become. We have every right to express ourselves, be bold and be exactly who we are. What better way to make a declaration about who you are than with our new statement earrings?

Be Bold, Be Yourself.

We noticed how society is shaping and gentrifying us, how hidden boundaries keep us in the mainstream. So we thought, let’s create something that helps us express who we really are… and hence the idea transformed into this new release.

With this nine-piece collection, we want to ensure that you have the exact accessory (and statement) to help you stand out from the crowd. The geometric shape and rectangular plate combine in a simple yet modern design to give you the extra spark you need. This stylish pairing promises your earrings will be the first thing people notice.

And the best thing is, our collection is made for everyone. Each pair from our collection is engraved with a special message – whether you are ‘hot chic’ or the girl that breaks through barriers, there is something for you among the collection. Simply choose your statement and let your earrings do the talking.

There’s nothing wrong with women boldly being themselves. We are women – what of it?


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